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Upgraded to Jessie. It went smooth. Too smooth. Courrier-IMAP broke for an undetermined reason, Apache reorganisation went fine, Exim didn't bat an eye. NVIDIA's X11 driver broke.
Upgraded to Wheezy, which took quite a bit of time. This time the surprise was jabberd14 disappearing from the distribution. I migrated to Prosody, which was quite straightforward to set up, and wrote a script to convert jabberd14 roster files to Prosody files. Using it for large amounts of users is left as an exercise for the reader.

Also, the old syslogd disappeared (in all fairness it was deprecated in the last release) and needs to be explicitely replaced with e.g. rsyslog.

Ctools-studio, Marc's company, just got their first game out: KungFu Rabbit, a cute rabbit-based platform game. Unfortunately only for iPhone and iPad at the moment, it's available from iTunes.
sslh 1.10 released.
sslh 1.9 released.
Upgraded to Squeeze, Debian 6.0. Among the (couple of) things that broke was Phpmp, apparently because deprecated PHP4 stuff was finally removed. Here's a small patch to fix it.
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