One of my favourite craft brewer in the Gers, L’Excuse, made L’Exhumée, a peaty beer which my girlfriend loved. After looking around, I compiled a bunch of recipes and came up with a peaty, whisky oak barley wine. As I wasn’t quite sure how it’d all turn up, I also made a plain barley wine based on the same recipe.

  • 8kg Marris otter
  • 700g Crystal 40 / Carahell
  • 350 Peat malt (or nothing for plain barley wine)
  • 150g East Kent Goldings
  • 70g Northern Brewers
  • 15g Cascade
  • 50g whisky oak chips
  • Wyest 1272

I split the main wort in two fermenters and added wort from the peat malt which I mashed separately. I then added the chips in a hop bag after first fermentation and let it in until I bottled about a month later.

These beers are said to be best left to age for a few months, so I haven’t tried them yet, but the taste upon bottling was very pleasant (the various opinions on-line varying greatly as to what is too smokey or what is not enough).

Vin d'orge Peat Barley Wine